Best Adsense Alternatives

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you frustrated with the strict terms and conditions of Google Adsense ? Many publishers like you have the same experience with Google. Either they are denied from joining Adsense program or their account is disabled because of some reasons. But no need to worry; there are several other alternatives to Adsense. And you can earn huge profit using these programs too. In this article i am writing about best 3 Adsense alternatives on the basis of their popularity.
- This is one of the best alternatives to Adsense.    
- Terms and conditions are more relaxed compare to Adsense.
- Also accept adult sites and sites having very low traffic.
- Option to choose text, banner, inline page links or full page ads
- Revenue is typically split 75/25 for the users
- Can run along with Adsense
- Minimum Payment $5
- It takes some hours for approval of Ad zone and starts showing Ads.
- This is a  very nice option for blogs and other web sites 
- Provides ads having higher money value
- Easy to customize the look and dimension of the ads
- Can run along with Adsense
- Minimum payment is $10 by PayPal or $25 by check
- Instant site approval and starts showing Ads very soon

- This is an excellent alternative to Adsense for small site owners
- Show ads targeted to the content of your site.
- payouts upto a market leading 85%
- Multiple formats available including text, image and animated ads
- It can take up to 24 hrs before showing relevant Ads on your site
- Minimum payment is $20 by PayPal or $50 by check


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