Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, cheating can be a little bit tricky. In no way if your spouse exhibits any of these signs, is no proof that she is cheating on you. However, pay more attention to what she says and does. She probably wants to play a little game to test if you’ve been attentive. Basically, we have two types of cheating. There's emotional cheating as well as the actual act. Emotional infidelity of your partner is more hurtful, painful and can be devastating. You have to be careful not to hurt the one you love: forget the fact of the saying that “the one we love is the one we hurt most”. Below are the signs of a cheating spouse.

Phone, cell phone behavior: When a woman begins to answer calls secretly strange when your spouse react when you are with his/her phone. Maybe your partner has been hiding their cell phone from you, and sometimes doesn't want you to listen to their telephone conversations. When you find out that all call details and text messages are erased.

Fighting: An increase in arguments, when the fights and arguments between the both of you are getting more heated, or severe, this is a good indicator of infidelity. find a away of resolving the issue as early as possible.

Not communicative: This is when you partner fail to respond to your calls, text massages, don’t care to call you. If these continue for couple of days then you have to e careful, because truly someone must have started seeing or going out with your spouse.

Being secretive: When your spouse begins to hide away things from you, then you should know that some is cooking around the corner. She would not tell you things she supposes to tell you on a normal time.

Change in sex life: This is On the other hand, he may be suddenly more aggressive or adventurous in trying out new things a red alert sign for a cheating boyfriend when there is a change in your spouse sexual life then you should. Notice if there is any adventurous act in his sex life, if spouse is trying new bed skills.

Change of behavior: Suddenly you start to see different behavioral pattern with him or her. Your partner may gradually seem to become cold and unloving and you don't know why.

Leaving the house indiscriminately or keeping late hour: If your boyfriend has suddenly started keeping longer work hours or has started going away various excuses for leaving the house all the time. Frequent "business trips", working late all the time, and endless meetings, or meeting some friends you have never heard of.


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