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Monday, August 23, 2010

How can I make money?
It is very simple to earn money in following three steps:
- First you write articles and send to us.
- It will be reviewed in 1-2 days and cash credits will be given to each article.
- When your total cash credits reach the minimum amount, you have to give the bank account details (Bank name, A/c no. & IFSC code ). We will deposit the amount to your account.  

When will I get paid?
Payment will be deposited to your account on every Sunday, if your balance amount reaches a minimum limit of Rs. 400. Otherwise that amount will be forwarded to the next week.

What will you do with the articles?
Most of your articles will be published in our site, but some best articles will be published in our partner sites. Those best articles will be marked as "promoted". Sometimes we may change the article heading to make it search-engine friendly, but the article content will remain unchanged. 

How can I see my account details?
Once you register in Mcheck360, a separate web page will be created for your account. In Profile Page you can find all information about your articles, cash credits, article status and balance amount etc.

How to register?
So finally you have decided to join our site, Welcome!! To register just click on 'Register Here' on main menu and fill up the form. After that you are eligible to write articles for us, and within 24 hrs your Profile page will be activated..

What I have to write?
You can write on any topic that comes to your mind. For example: Science and Technology, Computer and Internet, Software, Programming, Security, Adsense, Business and Finance, Education, Careers, Jobs, Entertainment, Games and Sports, Health and Fitness, Politics, Nature, Current affairs and so on. You can also add images to the article and provide link to other sites. 

Can I copy contents?
You are not allowed to copy articles from other websites or any online materials. Those copied articles will be rejected and no cash credits will be given for that. We strongly advice you to write articles on your own words.

How the articles will be evaluated?
These are the guidelines for article evaluation, kindly read them carefully.
1. Only Articles having proper formatting, and relevant content will be considered.

2. Copied contents from other websites will be rejected.

3. A article must contain at least 300 words.

4. It must be grammatically correct and properly paragraphed with appropriate heading.

5. Articles having very less content will be given low cash credits.

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