Successful Tips to make money from adsense

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips to make money from adsense

How to make money with adsense? This is the most commonly asked questions from the adsense publishers. Making money on google is very easy provided you follow some easy steps. Google adsense program offers you the golden opportunity to increase adsense revenue. Google adsense earn money system is one of the quickest ways to make money online. Here I am discussing some valuable tips to earn easy google cash from your website or blog.

Make money from adsense Tips

1) Use top paying keyword to design the website. The keyword must be relevant to your site data. Repeat those keywords several times in the heading and in the body part.

2) Regularly update your site with fresh content that will help to bring more traffic. Search engines give higher ranking to such sites providing fresh information.

3) Use Google’s custom channels for each of the ad units on your webpage.

4) Optimize your website with different Adsense optimization techniques.

5) Submit articles to different sites like,, . This will help to get number of back links to your site.

6) Exchange Links with other webmasters. But remember that website should not contain any objectionable content. Otherwise your site ranking may reduce
7) Submit your blog address to different blog directories like,,,

8) Give comments on others blogs. That will increase number of back links also the Page ranking in the search engine.

9) Submit your site to different search engines and get free traffic to your site. Most of the traffic comes from the search engines. So, it is very much crucial to have a good ranking in search engine.


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