Tech-know-logically speaking !!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Most of us try to stay aloof from the term ‘Technology’. The first thing that comes into mind is that we are dealing with something too complicated or something which is not our field of expertise. But, if you analyze, technology is involved in each and every thing we do in our day to day lives. And we don’t even realize about the presence of technology. For example, let’s consider the mobile phone. Hasn’t it become a vital necessity for humans? But do we need to know rocket science in order to operate a mobile phone? Even a 2nd standard child can toggle the keys of the cell phone and manage to listen to some melodies if shown a few times how to do it. Be it a phone, TV, Microwave oven or computer; every thing is easy to operate once shown a couple of times.

Thanks to technology, we don’t need to take troubles as our forefathers used to take during their times. For example, if there is a minor leak in your kitchen tap, you don’t have to fix an appointment with the plumber and wait for him the whole day. You can browse the net and get many relevant tips on how to fix the leak.

On the other hand, if you have a toddler at home and you have to go to an important meeting, and there’s no one to look after the child – ‘No worries!’ – Call up your mom on Skype and fix the webcam. Your mom can come on screen and keep the toddler engaged and happy. Meanwhile, you can get into teleconference while also keeping an eye on the kid.

As the saying goes – “It’s never too late to learn”. And remember – Technology allows you to be flexible. But you should learn when to shutdown from tech tools.

Happy tech-ing!!


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