Ideal Behaviour

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ideal Behaviour
Proper behaviour means good and generally acceptable behaviour. Good behaviour wins both friends and foes and is like the melodious voice liked by all. A nightingale does not give any thing to anybody but is liked by all for its melodious and sweet voice; conversely the crow does not do any harm to anybody yet is disliked by all for its harsh voice. Similarly people with good behaviour are liked by all. Therefore good behaviour which costs nothing is always desirable. The ideal behaviour is that by which neither others get disturbed nor the person who follows the particular behaviour gets disturbed by others. Though difficult but this is definitely achievable. For this certain code of conduct has to be maintained.

The essence of good conduct or religion principally rests in not doing things to others which one will not like to be done to him by others. Bible teaches this. Confucius-the great saint and thinker of china also said the same thing. Islam also proclaims universal brotherhood and equality amongst all.

The ancient sages of India have given a still better, wider and universal meaning to proper or ideal behaviour to be adopted by all. They instructed people, while giving highest regards to women, for treating all other's women as mothers, to shun greed for riches of others and to treat all others equal to themselves. If you treat all equal to yourself you shall have naturally no ill feeling towards anybody and you will not like to do things to them which you would not like to be done to yourself. This is really the greatest universal form of ideal behaviour.

Certain code of conduct has to be observed and followed for practicing and maintaining the right behaviour. Non violence, truthfulness, non stealing are practices to be followed by all. As these along with sweet and proper conversation have been hailed as general norms of good behaviour at all places and all times. The king is adored and respected in his own place but a person with good behaviour is liked by all and at all places.

Proper behaviour and right conduct require maintenance of chastity and non indulgence in illegal, unnatural activities. These age old ancient verdicts for proper behaviour are also slowly but surely being confirmed by modern medical codes, practices, detailed and prolonged researches. External and internal purification both are essential. Keeping the body clean and pure, wearing of proper and clean clothes etc is external purification. Internal purification comprises of qualities of bearing and facing difficulties and troubles along with the appropriate efforts for overcoming them while performing the assigned duties or during study and worship or meditation etc.

If you want to get respect from others, you should respect others. If you want to command others first learn to obey your elders, superiors etc. Be cheerful and ungrudging worker. These qualities one should have to be happy and maintain good and ideal behaviour.


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