Ever Green India

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to eradicate the Global Warming? Just plant trees that’s enough. Just think how our country would be, if every one of us plant trees?

Our total population has reached more than 110 crore. If each and every one plant trees, then there will be 110 crore trees. Just imagine how much “cm” rain we’ll record. Its amazing Nah!! . A recent survey tells that every tree which is 3 to 4 years old, will record 0.01 cm of rain every month. But anyway it’s not possible. Because all the 110 crore doesn’t have the place to plant it. Let’s consider a scenario like below:

Scene 1: Let 10% of our population doesn’t have house.

Scene 2: 10% of our population doesn’t have the space behind or beside their house to plant.
The remaining 80%:

Scene 3: Among them, consider 8% as children, where they don’t know much about planting trees and 8% as old , where they might not able to plant.

Scene 4: Then the equation is 64%: 15% is youth who can plant trees. The number is “105,600,000”

Scene 5: Then 49%: 15% is middle aged man who buy lands in their native place, in than 15%, 8% have cultivation land, and who doesn’t need to plant since they have the green patches already. Let’s consider the remaining 7% who plant trees on their land (62, 83,200).

Scene 6: Then 24%: Consider that no one likes to work in this. If half their side, plant trees, then the number would be 71808000

From Scene 4 to Scene 7, if you calculate the total number of trees, then the equation is: 183691200. Let me explain you in words: 18 crore 36 lakhs 91 thousand and 2 hundred. The number is very big, right! It’s possible in our country. Because our total area is 1 lakhs Kilometer. Take 70% for all the use. The remaining 30% is waste land. Why don’t we start this?

As I said earlier above that 3 to 4 year old tree will give 0.01 cm of rain every month, if we do like above, then no hot, not heat. Ever green India we can see in 4 to 5 years of time. I’ve started the Ever Green India. It’s all in our hand. There is no need to worry about the Government since we are not going to ask for money from them. Just Rs 30 - 40 we are going to spend of 5000+ salary. Definitely we can.

Let’s do it. I’ve started the initiative for this. I’ve done twice in my life time. I’ve considered only once tree each person will plant. But if a person plant extra trees, then it might compensate the one who didn’t plant or it may give you the extra tree.

Please don‘t consider it in negative sense. Please Plant trees which might save our India and our future India from sun stroke, Heat Wave, Ozone Layer Problem everything. All the Best to Green India!!


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