Cutting down Forests

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forests are described as a dense area which contains trees and all greenery around it. Forests purify the air. The trees in the forests increase oxygen in the atmosphere and purify the air.

Nowadays trees are being cut down in the forests. This depletes the ozone layer and increases the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees should be planted on a large scale. Steps should be taken to conserve forests. Recently the ‘grow more trees’ campaign has been started.

Forests increase the beauty of nature. We get wood from forests. Animals find their home in the forests. Trees in the forests are a shelter for birds who live in them build their nests. Tigers and wild animals live in forests. The more dense a forest is the better it is for us. Research has been proved that if forests vanish from the world it will lead to the end of human life

The water is said to be very pure that flows through forests. Forests can be found in various places that have trees. It is said that and believed that man previously lived and grew up in forests as there was no land before. He ate the fruits and vegetables and lived with the animals over there. Later on these forests were converted into islands and cities.

The existence of forests is necessary to help the issue of global warming. Forests help to maintain the temperature. They also help us to get rainfall. If the forests are cut down and destroyed then will be no rain anywhere and this will make us suffer a lot. This will only cause our downfall.

Human beings are responsible for this. They are cutting down forests for various purposes such as:
1) Wood for both timber and wood for making fires.
2) Agriculture for both small and large farms.
3) Land for poor farmers who don't have anywhere else to live.
4) Grazing land for cattle
5) Road construction


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